Open Letter to the Associação Mensa Brasil

Waldomiro Pereira Junior
Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Associação Mensa Brasil

Daniel Minahim Araujo da Silva
President of the Associação Mensa Brasil

In response to the incoming call on August 18, 2016.

First, there is to criticize the blatant disregard for the actual articles of the Association by which such a committee has nominated. One more act with lack of commitment and understanding of the articles of the Association and complete unwillingness of its current president in to stick to that they specifies that I have been fighting for some time.

It happens that, in accordance with the item V of Chapter III of the articles, it is the prerogative of the Executive Committee (a deliberative body with the participation of not only the president but also all other members of the Executive Committee) to appoint members among the volunteers who come forward which will then be responsible for the performance of their duties in accordance with the terms and regulations that the Executive Committee may determine. Thus, is not possible to the President, alone, designates it by his own will and sole form.

To nominate and compose any work Committee, it is essential the approval by a majority of the members of the Executive Committee, at a meeting called for this purpose.

The President, in a single and sole act, cannot appoint a working committee, being invalid this appointment in the way that it have been made.

That said, from the contents of such a call, all I could conclude from it is the dissatisfaction of the President who, together with members who do not meet the entry criteria for Mensa and/or on which there is no any record that will satisfy the requirements in ASIE 84-31, oppose the insistence with which I have been promoting the re-registration of all members in according to ASIE 84-31; the publication of the new website; the administration of Facebook groups and trademark registration Mensa Brazil in out local registry authority.

Occasion in that I inform all members and non-members of Mensa in Brazil, through this open letter published on this website, that I will rather continue with the re-registration, which will remain only the members that clearly have there in the members registry the information required in ASIE 84-31; especially as the edition of the test used to admission purpose, the name and registry of the psychologist who applied the test and the scores and percentile.

Mensa is and will remain an organization designed to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, to encourage research into the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence, and provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members. Never to be a common place where mediocrity, harassment, mockery and pursuit of other people are accepted, tolerated and encouraged by who participate.

The re-registration will continue and the actual registration data will be used in a subsidiary manner; regardless of what might be the position of the President, the Executive Committee or members attending this meeting of this Association.

All who prove have attained the admission criteria for Mensa and/or from which it is possible to gather enough information from the registration data to fulfil all the requirements specified in the ASIE 84-31 will continue to participate as members, and those who do not, not. The Mensa Brasil trademark will be registered continuing the registration applications requested on the INPI (local trademark authority) and the “Associação Mensa Brasil” will be prevented from using the name “Mensa Brasil” in their activities.

A new association will be made and we will begin discussions regarding the development and adoption of a local Constitution of Mensa in Brazil, according to which specify the Minimum Standards Constitutional approved in ASIE 92-27.
Mensa in Brazil will again be and will continuing to be what the Mensa really stand to: a society of people of high IQ; with purpose, organization and goals. A healthy environment for discussion and dialogue that adds value the lives of its members and all those who participate in its activities.

For Mensa Brazil be exactly what all who enter it expecting it to be; those who prefer the mess, the “Brazilian way”, the harassment and hubbub certainly will find their space elsewhere.

Marcel Giovani Kroetz
Member #962
Mensa Brazil